Do you think it’s time to get new equipment or add features to your existing equipment? Not sure what to do or what to buy or where to buy it? Are you suffering with the frustration and lost time a problem machine is causing you or your business? Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England can help with that! We can repair or upgrade your current desktop or laptop computers or if it’s time for a new one, we can help find the right replacement for your needs and budget.

A tired older system can be brought back to life with more memory, a faster hard drive or a new clean operating system reload. Let Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England evaluate your computer to see if it’s worth upgrading, extending its life and saving you money. We will give you the best advice possible, weather the computer is worth fixing, doing an upgrade, or time to get recycled.

Upgrading, Repairing, or Buying a New Computer
With entry-level PCs selling for less than $500 and fully equipped mainstream PCs selling for $1,200, you might wonder if it’s worthwhile to repair or upgrade your old system. After all, a new system comes with a warranty, all new software, and shiny new parts. The problem is a cheap new system is just that, cheap. Year after year, consumer-grade, mass-market PCs are cost-reduced more and more. That shiny new cheap system comes with a cheap, unreliable motherboard; a small, slow hard drive; barely adequate memory; a marginal power supply; and so on. Quality systems from name-brand vendors use high-quality components. If you compare apples to apples, you’ll often find that it’s cheaper overall to repair or upgrade your current system than to buy an equivalent new system. Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England can explain in simple terms all the pros and cons and help you decide which way to go.