Do you have a broken computer? Or maybe you think there is a virus? How about an upgrade? Whatever the problem may be, Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England can help!

At Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England, we take our repair jobs seriously. With over 30 years of computer hardware experience, we can assess your computer or laptop and find the best and most economical way to get you back up and working again. We will let you know if the cost of your repair is worth the investment for your particular machine.

Computer Repairs:
Not sure why your computer doesn’t turn on? Is your computer on but you see nothing on the screen? Is it making a funny sound? We fix everything from bad hard drives to broken power supplies or anything else inside your computer. We can even move your data from one device to another if that is what is needed.

Computer Servicing:
Is your computer acting weird or running slow when it is on? Viruses or spyware messages popping up? Need a RAM or hard drive upgrade, or maybe just a tune-up? We can clean it up and can get your computer running like new in no time!

Software Upgrades:
Need an updated version of Microsoft Office? How about an updated antivirus program? No problem, we can handle that!

Bottom line:
Do you have a computer that needs help and you’re unsure how to disconnect it from all those cables and then get it hooked up again? If this or any other reason stops you from getting your computer repaired, than Computing Possibilities Unlimited of New England can help. Honesty, communication and integrity are the backbone of what we do here and you can bet you’ll get excellent service at a reasonable rate for all your repair needs. We can come to your home or business and can do many repairs on site. If your computer needs more help, we can take it back to our shop and then return it to you.